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We're the GrimmUlquiFC, a fan club where we support the relationship between the characters Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Ulquiorra Cifer from the anime/manga series Bleach by Tite Kubo. Both GrimmUlqui and UlquiGrimm fans are welcome here.

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Why? Because 64 is sexier than 69.



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Mature Content

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002 by Rudaxena 002 :iconrudaxena:Rudaxena 46 13 Spectrum Fracture by Kiyokushitaka Spectrum Fracture :iconkiyokushitaka:Kiyokushitaka 156 69
You're like a disease
An infection
Seeping into open wounds
Leaving scars
You look
Straight through me
As if I’m not there
Your silences
Are like a shot to the head
Your analytical mind slowly picks
Me apart
You’re worse than those
Who think they’re better than me
To you there is nothing
To you I am meaningless
You disgust me
Tell me again I’m wasting my time
Go ahead and fucking say it
That I should just give up on you
You might as well spit in my face
You’re a drug
You cannot heal me
But I’ll try anyway
Utterly fuck myself
Trying to get enough of you
Never satisfied
Making me sick
You are a lie
A delusion
Don’t look down on me again
As if I’m the false one
Degrading me with those eyes
I hate so much
Those tears
I want to wipe off your face
I fucking hate them
Your eyes reflect too much of what I am
You’re like a disease
I can’t cure
With me always
Dragging me down
To my last breath
And my last
:iconyue-is-who-i-am:Yue-is-who-i-am 12 1
Adventure Time
"Hey! Hey Ulqui open up! I wanna show ya something!!!" Ulquiorra sighed as the Sexta continued to pound on his door. Getting up from his bed, he walked open the door to to find none other then Grimmjow standing out side, a smirk splayed across his lip's. "Hey Ulqui! I needa-"
Ulquiorra sighed and slammed the door shut, leaving Grimmjow locked out side. "HEY! Ulquiorra you basterd! Open up yer' fuckin' door will ya? It's important!" Ulquiorra gave out an irritated sigh before once again opening up the door.
Before Ulquiorra could once again slam it, he moved quickly into Ulquiorra's room and shut the door himself. "Might I ask what you are doing here, trash?" Grimmjow smirked and turned on the laptop that sat on the white desk. "Sit down Ulqui, I wanna show ya' what me and Gin found!" Ulquiorra looked at him before sitting down on the bed again.
After a few minutes of Grimmjow searching through the internet, he finally shouted in victory and brought the laptop over to Ulquiorra and sat
:iconlestatluva:lestatluva 7 3
Adventure Time Chapter 2
Ulquiorra looked at Grimmjow and sighed. "What exactly did you have in mind, Sexta?" Grimmjow grinned at him and began to walk into the room (which, conveniently-was filled with lower arrancar's.) "I have a plan Alright? So juss' stop yer fuckin' bitching and lemme' work here!" Ulquiorra sighed and watched as Grimmjow walked over to the center of the room and stood on top of the white table.
"Alright all you idiot's listen up! Direct order's from Aizen-Sama himself!" Ulquiorra watched as almost immediately the arrancar's stopped what they were doing and turned to look at the very pleased espada. "Aizen-Sama has give me-Sexta Espada and Ulquiorra-Cuatro Espada order's to ask each and every one of you a few question's! So! All of you must be at my door at EXACTLY 6:00 am TOMORROW MORNING. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!" Ulquiorra couldn't repress the chuckle that escapes his lip's as he watched the lower arrancar's cower under Grimmjow's loud voice. "Good! And if we find that any of you are no
:iconlestatluva:lestatluva 2 0
Adventure Time Chapter 3
After 2 horrifying hour's or Dordonii blabbering on about him and Harribel, Grimmjow and Ulquiorra were finally alone in the room and could think. Grimmjow smiled and looked over at Ulquiorra who was rubbing his temples. "So, you think it's them?" Ulquiorra sighed and opened his eye's to stare at him. "It's always possible that it could be them..." Grimmjow grinned and stood up. Walking over to the door, he threw it opened and peered down the hallway at the huge line of arrancar's.
Snicker's could be heard through out the hall as two female arrancar's made there way up to the front looking rather sheepish. Smirking, Grimmjow pushed them through his door and closed it behind him.
"Hello there girls. Me and Ulqui here have some question's for ya." The girl's blushed and looked up into Grimmjow's eye's. Ulquiorra smiled as he saw the blush noticeably deepen.
"H-hai Grimmjow-Sama.." Grimmjow smirked at the respected title and continued
:iconlestatluva:lestatluva 2 0
Adventure Time Chapter 4
Grimmjow smirked and looked back at Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra sighed as Grimmjow turned around again and held up his hand.
"At my signal, K?" Ulquiorra sighed and just watched as his smirked again. Then silence.
Ulquiorra watched as Grimmjow slammed open the door and ran in. Sighing, he calmly followed in after him.
"W-where is she?"Grimmjow growled/ One look around the room and Ulquiorra saw that in fact-Harribel was no were to be seen. Grimmjow growled and sat down on her bed and began to pout.
"Why isn't she here! This is her room isn't it? And we've been looking for the culprit for hours now! It's just not fair!" Ulquiorra sighed as Grimmjow crossed his hand's over his chest and growled. "She is an espada Grimmjow. She does have duties to full fill." Grimmjow smirked and looked at him.
"You said Duties. Heheh..."
Ulquiorra glared at him and sighed. "You are so immature Grimmjow..."Grimmjow grinned at him and began to look around the room. "Well, since were here we might as
:iconlestatluva:lestatluva 2 1
Adventure Time Chapter 5
Grimmjow growled and collapsed on Ulquiorra's bed. "Damn it! We've gone through just about every fuckin' espada here! Who the hell could it be?" Ulquiorra sighed and sat down next to the pissed of Grimmjow. "Relax Grimmjow. We'll find them eventually..." Grimmjow growled and rolled over so he could look at Ulquiorra. "Eventually, Ulquiorra? By that time-There will be THOUSANDS of those...those fan girls! We have to act now if we want those stories to disappear!"
Ulquiorra sighed and looked at him. "I suppose your right Grimmjow. Fine. Let's keep searching." Grimmjow grinned and stood up. "Great! Now...Harribel said we had to check people higher ranked then her...There's only two other espada we could Interrogate! Common' Ulqui! Let's go!"
Ulquiorra sighed and looked at Grimmjow. "Grimmjow, did you ever stop to think that maybe Aizen-Sama might have an idea of who It might be?" Grimmjow stopped and turned around to look at him. "" Sighing, Ulquiorra walked ahead of him and o
:iconlestatluva:lestatluva 2 8
Mature content
Adventure Time Chapter 6 :iconlestatluva:lestatluva 3 10
GrimmjowXUlquiorra in School by Ai-chan13 GrimmjowXUlquiorra in School :iconai-chan13:Ai-chan13 91 44 Ulquiorra and Grimmjow by E-Xine Ulquiorra and Grimmjow :icone-xine:E-Xine 111 15 Bleach Meme by Bloody-Gaara Bleach Meme :iconbloody-gaara:Bloody-Gaara 55 76 Demon(s) by blazewb Demon(s) :iconblazewb:blazewb 95 14

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Hello everyone!! Hope you're all having a wonderful winter/summer, and finishing up with finals and things like that!!

Just wondering, would anyone like to have an event?

:iconrainbowsparklesplz:Some ideas could be Secret Santa or another contest, or other suggestions if you have any?

Secret Santa might have to be individually managed, and it'd be up to you all if you wanted something GrimmUlqui-related or just assorted art/lit/etc. If we were to have a contest, we could have point prizes and anything else that people can contribute!!

:la: thank you all!! please leave a comment if you're interested in anything or want to sign up? thanks!!
:iconbunnyglompplz: :icongrimmulquiplz: :iconyaybunnyplz:
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